Hemp Successfully Planted in Vienna, WV Following Water Crisis



Vienna West Virginia has seen some tough times lately, considering they recently had a water pollution crisis regarding C8. On the bright side, there is a sustainable and environmentally friendly rebuttal to the local pollution.

This little one is only a few weeks old. She was born and is going to be raised in Vienna, WV. Most of people do not know the multipurpose benefits hemp performs, one of which is phytoremediation.

Phytoremediation is the process of using plants to clean pollutants out of the air, soil, and water. We are conducting a research plot currently in WV to document hemp cleaning heavy metals out of the soil.

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We are not reinventing the wheel.

We are not reinventing the wheel. Cannabis has been cultivated by man since long before recorded history. Thousands and thousands of years of experience. The Cannabis Prohibition is an abomination to nature and mankind. SO much of our experience has been forgotten and hidden from us by corrupt politicians, robber barons, and enforcement officials. The following hyperlink contains valuable information for those of us in the HEMP business. Despite having the high moral ground in this righteous cause, the HEMP business is first and foremost a business. As you develop your business plans, I’m quite sure some of the following information from Kentucky will be quite useful …..


Bringing agricultural hemp to West Virginia

We’re working diligently to bring hemp farming and industry to West Virginia!  We’re working with state government and legislators to encourage adoption of rules and regulations that take all stakeholders into consideration. We’re working with West Virginia University’s Extension Service to make sure farmers in all counties have the opportunity to participate in pilot programs to study crop development and seed cultivation and testing.  And we’re working with other growers and manufacturers and distributors around the globe to bring innovative ideas and opportunities to the state.  Are you interested in working with us?