Hemp Successfully Planted in Vienna, WV Following Water Crisis



Vienna West Virginia has seen some tough times lately, considering they recently had a water pollution crisis regarding C8. On the bright side, there is a sustainable and environmentally friendly rebuttal to the local pollution.

This little one is only a few weeks old. She was born and is going to be raised in Vienna, WV. Most of people do not know the multipurpose benefits hemp performs, one of which is phytoremediation.

Phytoremediation is the process of using plants to clean pollutants out of the air, soil, and water. We are conducting a research plot currently in WV to document hemp cleaning heavy metals out of the soil.

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Influx of new hemp bills signifies America is turning a corner on marijuana

Check out this article in the huffington post


“The case against industrial hemp production has always been flawed, but now three things are happening. One, we’ve been able to make some significant inroads in a variety of states that have already passed legislation easing [production]. Second, the actual amendment to the Farm Bill was a beacon. And third, we are just seeing [that] the ice dam that has been containing modernization of our marijuana laws generally is cracking.”