Community Development

Rx Community Gardens Project   Parkersburg, WV

The Rx Community Gardens Project is working to provide a new prescription for substance abuse treatment and recovery in the Mountain State by providing education and new opportunities. Community organizations in Wood Co. have partnered with Try This West Virginia to fund a community garden project for the Mid Ohio Valley Fellowship Home.

The Rx Community Gardens Project partners include Try This West Virginia, the Memorial Church of the Good Shepherd, The Mid Ohio Valley Fellowship Home, the West Virginia Hemp Farmers Cooperative, WVU Extension Office in Wood Co., Jackson County Master Gardeners, Mother Earth Foods, Jim Leach L.C., J&J Property Development, M.A.D. in the M.O.V., Jubilee Soils, Paradise Farms, and Lowe’s in Vienna.

“This project will teach people how to take pride in cultivating and preparing their own food. Participants will learn skills that enable them to support their families and seek employment in agriculture, which will hopefully result in successful recovery and fewer tax dollars spent on treatment.” -J Morgan Leach, Project Organizer