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Don Smith II – Founder

Farmer and West Virginia native, is the founder of WVHFC Inc. and  Standard Agriculture Ltd.. He is a strong believer in hemp’s potential  to revitalize WV’s economy, which has been primarily based on the mining of coal and other non-renewables for the last century. Don believes hemp will present new opportunity for farmers and industrialists alike to create a stable, sustainable, green industry based economy to primarily benefit the people of West Virginia rather than multinational corporations.

“We have an opportunity to create the ‘Gold Standard’ of the hemp industry and that’s exactly what we plan to do!”


 J. Morgan Leach – Executive Director

J. Morgan is an asipring young attorney who recently graduated from WVU College of Law. He is working on a concentration from the Center for Energy and Sustainable Development. Morgan has taken a keen interest in the field of industrial and medical cannabis, sprouting from his interest in local foods and sustainable agriculture. Morgan is well versed in the legal and regulatory requirements for the new wave of cannabis entrepreneurs in West Virginia. He is the co-founder of the state’s first Hemp Farming Cooperative, WVHFC Inc., and is the Executive Director of the WVHIA, a trade association dedicated to the fair treatment of hemp farmers, researchers, processors, and salesmen.

Jim Leach and J. Morgan Leach receive first legal seed in decades.

Robert Kerr – Executive Assistant and Communications Director

Robby Kerr is an undergraduate student at WVU, and he studied the cannabis industry at Oaksterdam University. He is working to complete his multidisciplinary undergraduate degree in politics, business, and philosophy. With his background and current experience with the hemp farmers cooperative, Robby is knowledgeable about the evolving landscape of the cannabis industries, business operations, and political functions.

Pilot Hemp Plot 2016


Leons Kabongo – Research Intern

Agriculture Masters student at West Virginia University, Hemp End Use Project Coordinator, he can help those interested in conducting hemp research find the raw materials they need in the form of hemp end products including, fiber for clothing and design, rope making, industrial,applications, hemp woody core for microcrystalline cellulose and super capacitor research and not to mention, seed for nutritional research, humans and animals.

Cecily Flight – Social Events & Communications Intern

Cecily is a Senior International Studies major minoring in Sustainable Design and Leadership Studies at West Virginia University, who works to promote sustainability on campus as the Eco-Reps Coordinator Intern at the WVU Office of Sustainability. Her aspirations include designing sustainable homes from industrial hemp materials and foreign relations work through the United States Government.

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WVFC Inc. is a member of the Hemp Industries Association,  click here to visit their website.



One thought on “Contact us

  1. To: The Honorable Earl Ray Tomblin, Governor of West Virginia
    Office of the Governor, State Capitol
    1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East
    Charleston, West Virginia 25305
    Office phone: (304) 558-2000 or 1-888-438-2731
    Governor’s Mansion: (304) 558-3588
    Communications email:

    Dear Governor Tomblin,

    I am writing to thank you for your wonderful years of service to the State of West Virginia and to ask your help in furthering the future of our state. I recently wrote Commissioner Helmick concerning the amendment for the legalization of medical, recreational, and industrial cannabis which was passed and is part of the 2016 WV State Democratic Party Platform (Section C-3). Industrial hemp production is currently legal under special permits in the state, however, the real benefit for WV farmers and tourism industry is for us to be the first mover in the eastern United States to legalize recreational marijuana. August 18th is Governor’s Day at the State Fair of WV, a major agriculture and tourism event, and represents an excellent opportunity to announce your support for this plank in the platform. Such support would be a tremendous step forward for fiscal responsibility and sustaining WV’s reputation as the Colorado of the East.

    The WV Center on the Budget and Policy has an excellent presentation on their website ( ) explaining the profound impact that the legalization of recreation, medical, and industrial marijuana can have on the State’s budget crisis and farmers. As per the WV Chamber of Commerce our state is located within a 500-mile radius of over 50% of the population of the United States and given the Federal prohibition on the transportation of cannabis across state lines, marijuana consumed in WV must be produced in state and the product as demonstrated in Colorado and Washington State will act as a tremendous tourist draw. At taxation levels of 25% per ounce, the estimated state tax revenues would amount to $194 million and, therefore, represents $776 million in retail sales, and – utilizing conventional supplier models of 50% retail markup, 30% wholesale markup – $271 million in agricultural revenues for WV farmers. It is not clear how much revenue will be generated from hotels, restaurants, and destinations catering to the needs of out-of-state visitors but what we do know is that every year since Colorado’s legalization that their cannabis tourism has grown and that state in 2014 had 71.3 million visitors and tourism revenue of $18.6 billion. In comparison, West Virginia in 2014 had $4.5 billion in revenues.

    It is time to begin utilizing the reforms such as this one in our platform to register new voters, to expand the party membership, to commit candidates – especially the Democratic nominee for governor, Jim Justice, – to the platform, and to reverse the collapse of our Party and our State. It is time to get to work for victory in November!


    Gregg Wingo
    Third Congressional District Delegate from Greenbrier County”
    (304) 992-5460

    CC: Jim Justice
    Justice for Governor
    PO BOX 40027
    Charleston, WV 25364
    Phone: (304) 926-0303

    Carol Fulks, Executive Director
    West Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association
    PO BOX 2391
    Charleston, WV 25328

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