URGENT: Show Support for WV HB2453

Dear readers, friends, affiliates, and colleagues,

There is a sense of urgency for a bill that goes to hearing tomorrow – HB 2453. This bill  will be heard by the Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources tomorrow at 9AM to decide whether or not to let this bill continue through the legislative pipeline to the judiciary.

HB 2453 will expand West Virginia’s industrial hemp pilot program to include more participants. The pilot program is operating to develop market and scientific research – why wouldn’t our state allow more participants? Allowing more participants results in more diversified data and is a force multiplier!

Committee Members to potentially express your opinion to:
Google to find emails, and feel free to CC wvfarmerscoop@gmail.com in your message!
Delegate Evans, A. – Chair Agriculture
Delegate Hamilton – Chair Natural Resources
Delegate Romine R. – Vice-Chair Agriculture
Delegate Ambler – Vice-Chair Natural Resources
Delegate Sponaugle – Minority Chair Agriculture
Delegate Rodighiero – Minority Chair Natural Resources
Delegate Thompson – Minority Vice-Chair Agriculture
Delegate Hicks – Minority Vice-Chair Natural Resources
Delegate Anderson
Delegate Atkinson III
Delegate Baldwin
Delegate Brewer
Delegate Cooper
Delegate Eldridge
Delegate Folk
Delegate Hanshaw
Delegate Harshbarger
Delegate Lewis
Delegate Love
Delegate Lynch
Delegate Miller, C.
Delegate Moore
Delegate Overington
Delegate Summers
Delegate Wagner


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