WV Hemp: Another Successful Collaborative Meeting

Yesterday, The WV Hemp Industries Association had an awesome meeting at Starlings Coffee & Provisions to discuss our policy goals and to collaborate with other community and business leaders. The turnout and atmosphere was welcoming and fruitful, and we want to extend our gratitude to everybody who came out. We know some of you had a serious hike to make it – and it is encouraging to observe the interest and collaboration increase with time to showcase the viability of cannabis’ industrial potential. We’re so happy to play our part in this opportunity of a lifetime!


We had some tasty food made with hemp grown right here in Appalachia, live music, and plenty of networking time. Victory Hemp Foods is operating out of Kentucky, and we appreciate their valiant effort at creating Appalachian farming jobs while promoting local food’s role in health and wellness.

With one fruitful meeting comes the organization and planning of another. Our next meeting is on March 27th at the capitol! We’re going to set up around the rotunda and have speakers under the dome – and free exhibitor spaces! If you’re interested in helping us educate about industrial hemp, fill out our registration TypeForm.

Hope to see you there! Let us know how you would like to get involved in the evolution of industrial hemp:



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