The DEA’s New Action on CBD

Attention 7606 State Licensed Hemp Farmers:

The DEA Rule on “Marihuana Extract” does NOT apply to you.

Carry on in your efforts to rebuild the American economy.

“…the DEA’s final rule regarding “Marihuana Extract” not only contradicts its own rulemaking authority …, but also explicitly conflicts with the Spending Bill provisions enacted by Congress, which disallows the DEA from expending resources that conflict with the Farm Bill.”

“Importantly, the Farm Bill specifies that the entire “industrial hemp” plant is made lawful, in spite of, or notwithstanding, the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). As such, it expressly carves out an exception to the CSA for the entire industrial hemp plant and products/extracts therefrom. Id.”

Industrial Hemp is regulated by the Farm Bill, and NOT a Schedule I drug subject to DEA enforcement. Hemp may be legally cultivated, processed, transported and sold by 7606 licensed hemp farmers.

Thank you to the Hoban Law Group for addressing this issue here.

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