Hemp: No Waste

Industrial hemp is quite utile, ideal for settlers colonizing a new nation. Every part of the plant can be processed into a value added product. Don Smith II, a board member of ours, loves to say, “nothing is wasted besides the breeze through the leaves”, and we love it too.

This is essential in an age where efficiency really matters in production. Let’s begin with the roots, which contain triterpenoids documented to have medicinal benefits for thousands of years. If the plants are not sown as far as you can see, perhaps there is pruning and grooming of the industrial hemp for better yields. Besides pulling weeds, the cuttings obtained from pruning could be ‘cloned’ to reproduce a new feminized plants hemp plants – to maximize flower potential.

The stalk is made from bast and hurd fiber, and the fibers could fall under any of these categories to utilize the waste: paper, insulation, hempcrete, rope, bioplastics, composites, all textiles and canvas, or even activated charcoal and super capacitor batteries in advanced manufacturing. Once the fiber is cleaned and separated, even the particles can be swept off of the floor for utilization as a byproduct.

The seed and the flower blossom from cannabis and perform like it was made for us. Hemp seed contains protein and omega’s that perform like creatine for athletes, or like fish oil pills for adults with rheumatism. Hemp seed oil has even been used to treat skin conditions where oil deficiency is an issue, besides the fact it is labeled as a superfood. The flower is very interesting because we have an endocannabinoid system to deliver the medicine, and this is where the cannabinoids blossom as trichomes. Industrial hemp varieties do have terpene profiles, but CBD is the prominent cannabinoid industrial hemp is grown for. Although the research is evident for CBD’s medical potential, the FDA advised that you DO NOT make medicinal claims when selling CBD and it must be sold as a nutritional supplement.

Hopefully this changes in the future and CBD can sweep through people that it would help, and industrial hemp can provide opportunity to those who need it most.


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