WV Hemp: Spurring Innovation

West Virginia has it’s fair share of unhealthy, uneducated, and impoverished citizens. There is a hope and a necessity to create opportunities to lift citizens in society to a point of economic freedom and healthy living. There is a need to incubate innovation districts with industrial hemp.

Innovation districts are referred to as geographic areas where leading-edge anchor institutions and companies cluster and connect with start-ups, business incubators and accelerators. Is this how West Virginia operates? Do the anchor institutions in West Virginia network with communities to develop in cooperation with their environments across the board?

I would say they are in the minority. To incubate innovation districts, companies need to aggregate and concentrate their energy on developing the bigger picture on a regional basis as opposed to just focusing on the traditional for profit business model. That is why we’re so awesome!

The West Virginia Hemp Farmer’s Cooperative is working to create and nurture West Virginia innovation districts by creating opportunities in industrial hemp markets. This does not just include farming opportunities, but it includes spinoff industries such as textiles, food, brewing, bio fuel, bio plastics, remediation of land, and medicine. As the hemp industry grows into it’s market potential, innovation districts in West Virginia need to be created to support this growth potential.

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