WV Hemp: Where We’re at & the National HIA Conference

The West Virginia Hemp Farmers’ Cooperative Inc. is facilitating the groundwork to build future industry in West Virginia, and we are having a great first year! We have 9 participant farmers contributing to hemp research with a little under 10 acres of hemp being grown collectively in the state. Tons of interest is generated for 2017, so we’re going to see some growth! Kentucky is growing 4,500 to put WV into perspective, but we can work in synergy with them to help develop the market! Cannabis Sativa, i.e. hemp, can do wonders for the sustainable business landscape and we’re happy to be playing our part.

Industrial hemp is not limited to the Appalachia region, as it is being grown in over 20 states domestically and in over 20 countries around the world.

“In the 2013 Congressional Research Service report entitled “Hemp as an Agricultural Commodity”, reported that the U.S. retail market for hemp is estimated to be $500 million. It is estimated that the United States imports 60% of hemp produced worldwide, which would indicate that the global hemp market is well over $800 million.” –  Global Hemp Group

We will be traveling to Denver, Colorado this weekend to attend the national HIA conference to build relationships with other industry leaders who want to see the sustainable changes we do. It is important to build these relationships because we can’t have farmers if we don’t have outlets, and we can’t have outlets for hemp if we don’t have farmers! West Virginia is in anguish. We have to do what we can to create jobs for West Virginians.

Sixty percent of the hemp produced worldwide, being imported by the United States, is not going to last because we’re going to produce our own! Thank you for your continuing support, ask us how to get involved, and if you plan on being in the Denver area contact us for a potential meeting!


Thank you all,

The West Virginia Hemp Farmers’ Cooperative Inc. 

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