Another Successful Hemp Harvest in WV!

Owner of Mother Earth Foods, Dave Hawkins, is a WV Hemp Farmers’ Cooperative member and hemp farmer, and he had a successful hemp harvest this week with some help! We had a hemp volunteer day to assist with their harvest.



Charlotte Pritt is the Mountain Party candidate for governor, and she was out with us volunteering in the hemp field! A lot of farmers wonder what they can do with their crop after they harvest, and a frequent question for us is whether or not a farmer can sell their crop before they even apply to grow. And that is a great question to ask!

Finding an outlet for hemp crops is one of the many services we provide for our cooperative members. Some other services include assistance during the application process, knowledge and resources, using us as a seed source on your application, ownership in our cooperative, as well as finding outlets to sell hemp crops.

If you or someone you know have any questions on how to get involved in the hemp industry in West Virginia, our email is or contact our communications director at (304) 917-9189!

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