Hemp: What is CBD? Is there Market Potential?

What is CBD and why is it important to exploit its market? CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, one of the most voluminous lipid based cannabinoids in the hemp plant, or any cannabis plant for that matter.

Legal THC thresholds for industrial hemp range from 1% – .3% THC, and there are breeders of high CBD cultivars of industrial hemp that have THC below this threshold. This opens up opportunities for individuals who do not have access to medical marijuana to have access to their herbal medicine they may desperately need.

Some health benefits of CBD include:

  • Slows Bacteria Growth (antibacterial)
  • Reduces Blood sugar Levels (anti-diabetic)
  • Reduces Vomiting and Nausea (anti-emetic)
  • Reduces Seizures and Convulsion (anti-epileptic)
  • Reduces Inflammation (anti-inflammatory)
  • Reduces Risk of Artery Blockage (anti-ischemic)
  • Inhibits Cell Growth in Tumors and Cancer Cells (anti-proliferative)
  • Treats Psoriasis (anti-psoriatic)
  • Suppresses Muscle Spasms (anti-spasmodic)
  • Relieves Anxiety (anxiolytic)
  • Promotes Bone Growth (bone stimulant)
  • Relieves Pain (analgesic)
  • Antioxidant
  • Neuroprotectant

If you think about all of the drugs synthesized and manufactured to supply the demand to treat these ailments, there is a lot of money involved in this market. CBD is legal to sell in all 50 states, and there are no documented negative side effects. So it is great for our economy and our public health! There are some states, like West Virginia, who are more involved in the industrial hemp market as opposed to the THC voluminous cannabis market. This opens up an opportunity to tap into a national market of CBD products, and hopefully our state can take advantage of this market potential in the future!

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