Why Grow Hemp in WV?

2016 was and continues to be a pivotal year in West Virginia history in terms of industrial cannabis reform.hempseedwoodcounty

In April of 2016, Governor Tomblin vetoed SB 159, and this allowed for individuals outside of Educational and Governmental institutions to grow in
dustrial hemp for research and market purposes. This started WV’s first year of their industrial hemp pilot program.

With 2017 being the second year and the genie being out of the bottle, growth is to be expected. To put this into perspective, it will be a transition from a first year “science project” like pilot program to a small scale commercial pilot program. This year, permitted harvests will develop products at a small scale to begin conversation, to begin marketing, and to be apart of West Virginia History.

The 2017 growing season shows promise. Chris Ferro, chief o
f staff for the WV Department of Agriculture, attended our meeting in Parkersburg. He claimed to be working towards creating a full time position in t
he department to oversee and assist industrial hemp development in West Virginia. The WV Democratic Platform also included cannabis reform, and it is said that WV has one of the most progressive platforms in the nation. The industry is going to grow, it’s going to grow here, and it’s going to grow soon.

The West Virginia Hemp Farmers Cooperative Inc. would be happy to assist our members with the application process as well as provide them with a seed source.

Click here for the WV DOA Hemp Cultivation Application

Email wvhfc.inc@gmail.com for more information.


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