Hemp: Supercapacitor of the Future

There has been breakthrough technology developed in recent years in terms of batteries. Graphene, the industries “gold standard” material, has found a rival in the super-capacitor market.

Graphene is expensive to produce, whilenano
hemp can be grown much cheaper and without tormenting it’s environment. These electrode nano sheets made of carbon produced from hemp shows promise to be the answer to a future with sustainable energy.

These nano sheets are actually made from left over bast fibers of hemp, leaving the seed, hurd, oil extraction, ect. options open. So you can profit off of multiple revenue streams from a single plant, then process left over heated hemp material into better solar cells, water filtration systems, touch-screen technology, as well as batteries and super capacitors.

That’s awesome trash, an invaluable byproduct that’ll open a pathway for a realistic sustainable future.


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