PSA: Wood County WV Supporters

To all of our members, we appreciate 13086950_1728528670764514_2866742583288855078_oyour continuing support deeply. Your support is invaluable to our efforts and we could not do it without you.

As many of you know, our executive director J. Morgan Leach is running for House of Delegates in the 10th District of Wood County.

After a successful primary election, Morgan has had an open throttle addressing the drug epidemic our state faces. He is working on the Rx Community Garden Project, where he is organizing a pathway for individuals going through recovery to learn the therapeutic value of growing their own food while attempting to break the cycle of drug use. He actively pushes the vital benefits of the hemp industry, as well as advocates for medical uses for cannabis.

It is time for a motivated individual to earn a seat in the House of Delegates, and we hope all of the residents of Wood County think so too. Follow our endeavors, and remember there’s somebody worth voting for whenever the general election arrives in November.






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