Hemp and Cannabis: An Opportunity in The WV Honey Market

Humans are not the only species to enjoy the cannabis plants. Cooperative members, volunteers, and locals of Wood County interested in the industry have pondered the multiple species of bees that make pit stops on420 the newly regulated hemp in West Virginia.

The bees fly from bud to bud, to flowers, to pollen sacks, resulting in the honey’s nutrients being derived from the cannabis plant. It is widely known that the phytonutrients in cannabis in all forms offer nutritional benefits, and it is amazing because these benefits can be received without the psychoactive properties of cannabis.

Producing cannabis honey promotes healthy bee colonies and ecosystems, creates a natural and nutritional (NON-PSYCHOACTIVE) final product, and it creates economic opportunity. Considering it is a market yet to be cornered in our state, who is going to make it happen first or in the best way? I will buy it, and I bet I’m not alone.

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