Hemp: History Signifies a Booming Industry for WV


Hemp has been cultivated for 1,000s of years and played a major roll in the colonization/prosperity of the new United States of America.

The sails that brought the colonists to our land were made from hemp, which was illegal for colonists to NOT GROW in the Jamestown days. The canvases that covered the wagons of the West bound gold rushers were hemp. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. Our founding fathers grew hemp. Henry Ford manufactured a car from hemp product and materials.

The hemp industry, globally, has grown to hundreds of millions of dollars and it projected to hit billions. America is a large, if not the largest producer of hemp products, but they’re a minimal producer, most production still in research or pilot programs in different states. There is an obvious unbalance in the global market, leaving the U.S. hemp industry enormous room to grow.

West Virginia has the climate, the land, the need for change, and the need to prop it’s economy. Diversifying our economy with agriculture is not only a sustainable idea but an economically strategic one.

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