Hemp: An Alternative to Petrochemicals

Petrochemicals, a finite resource, make up traditional plastics. The manufacturing process and the disposal process of plastics made from petrochemicals are a nightmare to our environment and health, costing billions and our wellbeing in the process. There’s countless products made from petrochemical plastics, and oil dependency is driving our society in the wrong direction.

What can hemp do, that petrochemicals can do?

For a start, hemp can produce biodiesel, which produces 78% less carbon than it’s petroleum diesel counter part. It can manufacture %100 recyclable plastics that can be biodegradable to produce a wide range of bioplastic products, including 3D printing.

The best part of this argument is: What can hemp do, that petrochemicals CANNOT do? Hemp can clean the environment during renewable production, while providing a renewable source of carbon as opposed to fossil fuels. Hemp creates sustainable local economies, avoiding international monopolies. The entire idea behind bioplastics is doing what petroplastics did, and in a more beneficial way in terms of public health, the environment, international politics, and local business.


Email wvhfc.inc@gmail.com to inquire about how you can play your part in the WV hemp movement! The West Virginia Hemp Farmers Cooperative helps and guides all of our cooperative members to fulfill their plans with hemp.




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