Hemp Phytoremediation Opportunities in Appalachia Region

Hemp is widely known and proven for it’s phytoremediation properties. The United Nations Environment Programme defines this process as:

“Phytoremediation is the direct use of living green plants for in situ, or in place, removal, degradation, or containment of contaminants in soils, sludges, sediments, surface water and groundwater. Phytoremediation is: A low cost, solar energy driven cleanup technique.”

West Virginia and Kentucky have both seen environmental collateral from mountain top removal. Strip mines, fracking, dumping, classified operations, and corporations ignoring regulatory requirements have contributed to mother nature taking a toll.

The WV Hemp Farmers Cooperative is a public benefit company, and we are looking for possible solutions for hemp phytoremediation projects to clean up our state. Email wvhfc.inc@gmail.com for leads, tips, and questions.

Thank you


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