Urgent Message from Our Executive Director on Hemp in FOOD!

This is a travesty to the American Hemp Economy Folks.

First, we must realize that Food is Medicine. They cannot take away our human right to food, unless we as a democratic society allow it. WVHFC has been fighting for American farmers to take back their rights to cultivate Hemp for years. This is how large pharmaceutical companies are quashing our efforts through lobbying our government. They are also realizing that food is medicine, and they do not want competition. This is not conspiracy theory, this is reality. 

Here is the situation:

“anyone who is producing or planning on producing a human consumable product out of hemp materials other then seed is NOT LEGAL via state or federal. This includes existing items like hemp tea, hemp honey infused with CBD, any hemp foods using hemp concentrate/extract, flower, leaf, stalk, root, tinctures etc using either domestically grown hemp and or imported hemp materials (ie CBD).”

We have to come together, all states in the union, and protest the restrictions being placed upon the hemp industry. If it is allowed in CO, it sets a precedent for the rest of the country. We cannot allow this.

Food is a human right. Medicine is a human right. All parts of the hemp plant are a human right!

Share this post, attend this online meeting, educate yourselves about hemp foods and the preventative medical value that they have. We owe it to ourselves to protect a food industry that protects us!

Follow this link below to learn how you can protect American Hemp Farmers, the American Hemp Industry, and yourselves!

Online Emergency Hemp Meeting to Address Hemp in Food

-J Morgan Leach


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