Preparing WV for the 2017 Legislative Session

In West Virginia, the past handful of years have included brittle attempts at legalizing cannabis for medical use, recreational (adult) use, or in our case for industrial purposes. With a new legislative session comes new opportunities to push for reform, and here are a few ways you can help out!

1) Write Your Representatives Click here to discover who your representatives are in the WV House of Delegates. Click here to discover who your state Senators are. Sometimes people forget the government works for them. It is important that they hear their constituents educated opinion on issues, especially an issue as controversial as hemp and cannabis.

2) Support Advocacy Organizations There are various advocacy organizations working hard to connect like minded people in WV, spread news, educate the public, and work strategically to introduce legislation. There are various organizations you can support in WV to support cannabis reform: of course our WV Hemp Farmers CooperativeCompassionWVWV NORML, or WV Student Cannabis Coalition.

3) Lobbying Lobbying just means that you seek to influence an opinion. Lobbying could include attending events at the capitol in Charleston to contacting legislators one on one. There is a lot of lobbying that happens in the “lobby” under the dome and around the well at the Capitol in Charleston during busy times.

4) Online Presence Must Transition to Real World Impact There are plenty of social media warriors who share posts, memes, and even advocate through their own posts. That is fantastic because it helps their audience learn or maybe even get involved. Efforts cannot stop there; we can do better. Voice your opinion to your representatives, attend events, and spend your time and money when you can. Anybody can be a follower of something, but it takes somebody worthwhile to step up and take initiative.

Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities and events!

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