The WVian Hemp Industry is Picking up Steam

Two years ago in 2014, cultivating any type of cannabis in West Virginia was not realistic. Now, there are multiple plots being grown for research all across the state of West Virginia.

This simple fact signifies a trend that is a perfect sample of the overall country. For decades, the United States of America has been shifting towards digging up the old cannabis industry. Once buried by competitive lobbyists, the Cannabis Sativa L plant is reviving local economies abroad as reform efforts continue to push lawmakers.

In 2016 currently, we have 9 research plots being grown in WV from along the Ohio River,  above the Mason Dixon Line, the Eastern Panhandle, and to southern WV counties. The research varies from seed yields, fiber yields, CBD extraction, beer brewing, phytoremediation, and these research pathways differ with different mediums the plants are being grown in, whether it be manure, blood meal, or untainted soil.

With the coal industry struggling through a carbon tax, and other industrial opportunities emerging, there is a huge opportunity industrial hemp could play in forming our future economy. Hemp (processed as biomass) can be burnt in unison with coal to reduce carbon emissions. Hemp can be processed and manufactured into biodegradable polymers, and polymer plants lining the Ohio River gained the Mid-Ohio Valley a nickname of “the polymer alliance zone”. There are many other examples for how hemp can be integrated into our economy, which we will continue to discuss, but these are just a few major potential uses for now. Here is a report discussing the potential for hemp as an energy source: Hemp: an Energy Crop to Transform Kentucky and WV.

The report was written over a year before WV ever had hemp in the ground. Kentucky is leading WV in acres of hemp being grown right now, but this opens the opportunity for other economical relationships between our two states to develop. WV has the factory infrastructure just waiting to be put back to use, which could be used to process hemp.

This is a very complex issue, integrating a “new-old” industry into our modern economy. But one thing is for sure, changes are trending away from prohibition, and it is a great time to become a cultivator of hemp in WV. Any size garden is appropriate, and be sure that if you are interested in cultivating hemp to contact us! We guide our members through the entire legal cultivation process in West Virginia.


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