Great First Day at the Multicultural Festival!

Friday June 17th was the first day of a wonderful weekend in Parkersburg, WV! It was the first day to kick off a 3 day multicultural festival that is filled with culture, music, crafts, food, and much more. We set up an information booth, and we had an awesome time talking to everybody who came buy. We were taking donations for hemp products as well as discussing hemp with visitors!

We had plenty of people who asked us what hemp was, and what the distinction was between hemp and THC rich marijuana. We also had plenty of people who propped us up and agreed that the crop’s potential could immensely help WV’s public health, environment, and economy. It is a sign that we are making progress, but the other side of that sign is that we have plenty of more work to do!

If you have some free time and are in the area, come by and see us! We will have hemp backpacks, draw string bags, hemp paper notebooks, and hemp soap that we will be taking donations for to farther our cause. We look forward to seeing you there!!

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