Rebirth of hemp in West Virginia – Rules Update

BIG NEWS – The “Rules Committee” has finalized the new HEMP RULES. I have been notified that they are really good rules that were made more easy to work with and much more to my satisfaction. OUTSTANDING !!! WV has just made a giant leap forward in the quest to reintroduce our new, yet ancient, Cannabis Industry. Now it goes to the full Legislature, the House and Senate, for final consideration. After all we’ve been through, I’m right proud to say we’ve done it, the system worked, and Leadership in WV have stood up in a HISTORY MAKING LEGISLATIVE MANEUVER that is going to open up the possibilities for real prosperity!

MANY Thanks to all of you !!!

Don II


Greetings friends in the new year, 2015. Tuckered down for the winter, I’m am searching for high quality organic and heirloom seeds to plant in the growing season to come. From backyard veggies to fields of grain, farmers across the region review last years harvests and productivity and prepare for a new growing season, analyzing which crops prove most lucrative, which  are easiest to grow, produce the highest yields, and return the most profit from market.  We may have a new option with industrial hemp this upcoming season! If our agriculture department can pick up the pace, we just may see hemp growing in 2015. Hemp has the capability to be West Virginia’s cash crop, with so many industrial applications, it is important that we finalize our hemp bureaucracy before our neighboring states get the head start. In Kentucky for example, hemp farming applications should have already been submitted, however in West Virginia, we are still lagging behind. It is very important this winter season for farmers and consumers alike to contact our agriculture department, and leave a message for Walt Helmick, let him know we want to grow hemp in our state this year!

Walt Helmick
Commissioner of Agriculture
Phone: 304-558-3200; Fax: 304-558-2203

Hemp rule

Here is a recent version of WV hemp rules, a good idea of what we will be working with, at least  until the agriculture department releases the new finalized rules and applications to the public.

Thanks for for your support, drop us a note, suggestion or comment!

love and light

Mason Everyone

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