WV Hemp Rules Under Review


The new rules for West Virginia hemp farming are currently being reviewed by the agricultural commissioner, Walt Helmick. Upon his approval, the new rules will become “the law of the land”, officially setting up the infrastructure for agricultural hemp production in WV, and outlining the process for farmers, and researchers to begin growing hemp as early as this summer. Once the rule have been finalized and approved, you will be able to access them through our website, and you will find new resources for completing the application processes.

Currently, the application process will require applicants to submit fingerprints, undergo a background check, and provide information about the the cultivar to be grown, land where hemp will be grown, including GPS coordinates, acreage in production, planned end-use for hemp, and other information.

Of course it is important to remember that hemp can only be grown for research at this time. This means farmers wishing to grow hemp must cooperate with a research institution, like WVU or WV State. Anyone searching for research partners can contact said institutions, or third party independent researchers.

The West Virginia Hemp Farmers’ Cooperative will also serve as an intermediary for growers and researchers, so please drop us a note if you need help! Happy Hemping!

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